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InvestiGators (InvestiGators, 1)InvestiGators (InvestiGators, 1)
InvestiGators (InvestiGators, 1)
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InvestiGators: All Tide Up (InvestiGators, 7)InvestiGators: All Tide Up (InvestiGators, 7)
InvestiGators: Ants in Our P.A.N.T.S. (InvestiGators, 4)InvestiGators: Ants in Our P.A.N.T.S. (InvestiGators, 4)
InvestiGators: Braver and Boulder (InvestiGators, 5)
InvestiGators: Heist and Seek (InvestiGators, 6)InvestiGators: Heist and Seek (InvestiGators, 6)
InvestiGators: Off the Hook (InvestiGators, 3)InvestiGators: Off the Hook (InvestiGators, 3)
InvestiGators: Take the Plunge (InvestiGators, 2)