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What Happened That Night

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What Happened That Night
Clara Porterfield has always been in love with neighborhood golden boy Griffin Tomlin, so why did her older sister Emily kill him? Pretty Little Liars meets Gone Girl in this chilling thriller filled with surprise twists that all lead to a shocking conclusion—now in paperback! Four months after the murder of golden-boy Griffin Tomlin, the entire town of Shiloh is still in shock. For Clara Porterfield, the world has crumbled into a million chaotic pieces. At home, her sister awaits trial for Griffin’s murder, her mother obsessively digs in a dead garden, and her father lives in perpetual denial. At school, Clara is haunted by her classmates' morbid stares and the unspoken questions they are too afraid to ask. And deep inside, Clara holds a truth she isn't ready to face -- and it could explain what really happened the night of Griffin’s murder.