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Where is the Moon?

Where is the Moon?

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Space can be lonely, so Moon likes to watch people down on Earth. There's just one problem: when Moon is out, everyone goes to sleep. This makes Moon upset. Lucy loves to look up at her, and one clear night she sees that Moon has disappeared. She can help but wonder Where is the moon?
An easy-to-follow bilingual story book, perfect for…
- Helping early readers with foreign language comprehension.
- Reading aloud and strengthening second-language acquisition.
- Gaining new vocabulary in English and Spanish. This illustrated book will inspire and captivate young readers with its timely and ultimately uplifting message about how valuable everyone is and how much we mean to the people around us. A perfect bedtime story and addition to every bilingual child's bookshelf.
Cuando el Sol salía cada mañana, ya nadie se fijaba en la Luna. Esta se ponía tan triste que, de pronto, decidió desaparecer. Lucy, que desde siempre la había observado por la ventana de su habitación, no podía dejar de preguntarse ¿Dónde estará la luna? Un libro ideal para desarrollar el lenguaje de niños bilingües, lectores principiantes y estudiantes de inglés o español como segunda lengua.

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